Do you want to work on anti-racism and technology?

The Racism and Technology Center is funding and supporting three project ideas about racism and technology in the Netherlands.

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Key facts

  • Funding and support to realise a project on racism and technology in the Netherlands.
  • Application is open for everyone, no prior experience required.
  • Deadline to apply is 31 October 2022.
  • Project development from December 2022 till June 2023.
  • The format is open but the project must result in an output that can be shared publicly.
  • Funding is 4000,- euro excl. VAT for 100 hours of work over a 6 month period.
  • Questions at

We are looking for project ideas!

We want to help you develop your project idea on the topic of racism and technology! Each project will have 6 months to execute and will receive € 4,000 for the hours worked.

Your project idea has to touch upon racism and technology. For some examples of racist technologies, see this page. This can be in different domains, such as: education, social welfare, housing, healthcare, policing, mobility/traffic, work/employment, border control, social media, and so on. You can find news about these themes via this page. Project ideas should be related to the Dutch context. Ideas can be historical, present-day, or to (re)imagine future possibilities.

Your idea should result in something which can be shared publicly and your project can take many forms: personal storytelling/documenting your lived experiences, creative or artistic research, digital media, investigative journalism, long form essays, poetry, prose, organising an event, exhibition, workshop or course, data or code analysis to show bias/discrimination, or any other kind of form that showcases the topic of racism and technology.

(1) What we expect from you / what we are looking for

  • An exciting idea to be further developed within 6 months, and a willingness to execute the idea which will lead to output that can be publicly communicated.  
  • Availability for bi-weekly sessions (in-person/digital) for the course of the project. 
  • A commitment of 100 hours of work, spread over 6 months. 
  • The ability to speak either English or Dutch.  
  • An open and collaborative attitude, to support and work with the other two fellows. 
  • You are either an individual or a group.

(2) What you can expect from us / what we will give you

  • Payment of € 4,000 (excluding VAT) per individual project, based on a contract for 100 hours of work, spread over 6 months, using the Dutch algemene modelovereenkomst geen werkgeversgezag. You will be paid in three batches: before the start of the project, halfway through the project, and immediately after the project.  
  • Support and collaboration to develop and execute your project idea to make your project a success. 
  • Availability for bi-weekly session to discuss your ongoing work. 
  • Publication of your work on our website, in our newsletter, and on our social media channels. 
  • Access to our network of media partners in the Netherlands, digital rights organisations and anti-racism organisations, and support in a strategy to share your project more widely.

(3) How to apply

We are looking for ideas, inspiration, and motivation. We are not looking for qualifications or previous experience – so don’t let this hold you back.

What to provide: (1) a project plan in any form (see the box below) and (2) the application form (download it here). Bullet points or adding links in the application is OK. We will not mind spelling or grammatical errors.

Project plan:

  • In the project plan you explain to us what your project is about and how you are going to realise it.
  • You can use either English or Dutch and any medium or format that you are most comfortable with, and that works best to discuss your idea.
  • Video/audio should not be more than 5 minutes long, written text should not be more than 2 pages.
  • Answer these 3 questions in your project plan:
    1. Describe your project idea (what is the key idea, what are some approaches to develop that idea, and what are some potential outcomes you can imagine?)
    2. How does your project relate to the topic of racism and technology?
    3. Which community do you hope to serve with your project and what is your relation to that community?
  • If you are unsure and would like to check with us about the format, application procedure, your idea, the timeline, or any other questions, feel free to email us at
  • How to submit:  Email (1) your project plan and (2) the application form (and other relevant file attachments, download links, and so forth) to by 31 October 2022 (any time zone). You will receive a confirmation email.
  • The suggested time to spend on this application is no more than a few hours.

(4) How we will select 

  • Your plan will be assessed along the following four qualities:
    1. Applicability: Is this a project about the topic of racism and technology? Does it relate to a Dutch context? 
    2. Feasibility: Is it possible to execute this project within the 100 hours? Is there (the possibility of) a plan that could work? Will it lead to some form of public output and communication? 
    3. Originality: Is this something that hasn’t been done before, at least not in the Dutch context? 
    4. Urgency: What kind of results and potential impact does the project have? Is the project aligned with the Center’s values? 
  • The project plans will be assessed by a committee consisting of: Samora Bergtop, Naomi Kreitman, Zawdie Sandvliet, Jill Toh, Hans de Zwart and Naomi Appelman. 
  • We aim to create opportunities for people who do not usually have the space to meaningfully develop their ideas related to racism and technology. Among our aims is to support the ideas of individuals from communities who may not be able to benefit from readily available funding and resources.

(5) Timeline

  • The deadline is 31 October 2022 (any time zone). If you encounter any issues, email us at
  • Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for follow-up conversations/interviews in November 2022.
  • Projects will start December 2022 and end June 2023.
  • Due to our limited capacity, we will unfortunately not be able to share specific feedback for unsuccessful applicants. All the information from denied applicants will be deleted on our end before the end of the year.

About the Racism and Technology Center

The Racism and Technology Center was founded in 2021 as a knowledge center to create and deepen the understanding of how racism is manifested in technology with the overarching goal of dismantling systems of oppression and injustice. We build on the ongoing efforts by digital rights organisations and anti-racist organisations. By using technology as a mirror to reflect and make visible existing racist practices in Dutch society, we want to give the fight against racism a new set of arguments to strengthen its cause. 

The Center is slowly evolving to build and foster community engagement, with this ‘fellowship’ as a stepping stone. It is currently run by three volunteers, who together comprise the board of the foundation. You can learn more about us here.

Image by Tachina Lee.

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