Our people

The Center is run on a voluntary basis by Naomi Appelman, Jill Toh, and Hans de Zwart. While individually motivated by different reasons, together, they share a commitment in the fight against racial injustice and stand in solidarity with marginalised communities.

Naomi Appelman is a Dutch PhD candidate at the Institute for Information Law (University of Amsterdam) with a background in law and philosophy. Her research focusses on online exclusion and how the power of the big tech companies can be contested. Besides a keen interest in the relation between society and digital technologies she cares greatly about equality in education. Naomi is chair of the foundation. She can be reached at:


Jill Toh is a Singaporean who has lived across different cities in Europe for 6+ years. She has an interdisciplinary background and is currently a PhD candidate at the Institute for Information Law (University of Amsterdam). She is interested in the intersections of power, data, labour and the critical political economy. Jill is secretary of the foundation. She can be reached at:


Hans de Zwart is a Dutch lecturer and researcher in applied philosophy at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and a voluntary member of the board of directors of the Center for the Advancement of Infrastructural Imagination (CAII). Formerly the director of digital rights organization Bits of Freedom, he has a deep interest in the societal impact of digital technology. Hans reads in public and you can follow him here. Hans is treasurer of the foundation. He can be reached at:


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