Main themes

Nearly every article on this website is listed under at least one of the following five themes: Algorithmic Bias, Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition and Biometrics, Police and Law Enforcement and Social Media and Platforms.

Our own writing

Many articles on this website are direct links to other sites. All the original writing on this website can be found on the front-page. We have a separate page with all the racist technology in action examples.


We keep track of articles about The Netherlands, Palestine and about the European Union.


You can easily find articles about the following companies: Airbnb, Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, Instagram, Microsoft, OpenAI, Palantir, Tiktok, Twitter, Uber and YouTube.

Other themes

Find our links about Digital Rights, Education, Ethics, Ethnic Profiling, False Positives, Freedom of Information, Healthcare, Labour and Surveillance.

Articles about how technology can be used to fight agains racism can be found under Tools for Justice and you can find books about this topic here.

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