Technology, Racism and Justice at Roma Day 2022

Our own Jill Toh recently presented at a symposium on the use of technology and how it intersects with racism in the context of housing and policing. She spoke on a panel organised in the contex of the World Roma Day 2022 titled Technolution: Yearned-for Hopes or Old Injustices?.

The panel discussed how “everyday experiences of racialized people and current research show that media images and so-called artificial intelligence also reinforce old injustices and structural racisms, algorithms reproduce social inequalities.” Together with Wesley Goatley (artist) and Dimitra Andritsou and Bob Trafford (Forensic Architecture) and moderated by Laurence Meyer(Digital Freedom Fund), Jill discussed the role of technology in exacerbating social inequalities and how social justice organisations can fight this.

See: World Roma Day 2022.

Photo by Jana Kießer.

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