A guidebook on how to combat algorithmic discrimination

What is algorithmic discrimination, how is it caused and what can be done about it? These are the questions that are addressed in AlgorithmWatch’s newly published report Automated Decision-Making Systems and Discrimination.

AlgorithmWatch writes:

One of the major problems in fighting discrimination by algorithmic systems is that it often goes unnoticed and those affected – in most cases – do not know they have been discriminated against.

This is why it is important to raise awareness about this topic. The free booklet is targeted at people doing anti-discrimination work and people who have been affected by this type of discrimination.

After a basic introduction to the topic, the guidebook lists some case studies (age and gender affecting creditworthiness, cost of car insurance influenced by nationality, and more), describes the causes, tells the reader how to recognize whether an automated decision making system was possibly used, and – importantly – tells you what you can do when you (suspect you) have been discriminated against: send a letter of complaint, test the procedure, create visibility through public relations and press work, or litigate.

The guidebook is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This means that it can be translated into Dutch. Do get in touch if you want to volunteer for that.

See: How to combat algorithmic discrimination? A guidebook by AutoCheck at AlgorithmWatch or download the full PDF.

Image is a screenshot from the Autocheck guidebook.

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