Al Jazeera asks: Can AI eliminate human bias or does it perpetuate it?

In its online series of digital dilemmas, Al Jazeera takes a look at AI in relation to social inequities. Loyal readers of this newsletter will recognise many of the examples they touch on, like how Stable Diffusion exacerbates and amplifies racial and gender disparities or the Dutch childcare benefits scandal.

Watch the full episode here:

The show also highlights Robin Pocornie’s case against the VU. On camera, Robin argues that public institutions have a public responsibility to make sure that the technology they use works for all the people they serve.

And our own Naomi Appelman explains that racist and discriminatory outcomes of technology are not the result of errors in that technology, but instead are a feature of the society we live in. These are not technological problems, nor will technology fix these problems. Instead, they are social and political problems and they will have to be addressed at that level.

See: Does AI perpetuate human bias? (Digital Dilemma) on Youtube.

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